Hi, I'm Evelyn a cs-student at the university of tuebingen in Germany.

I "built" this website to gather experience with git-hooks, experience with mdbook and its features to parse md-files to html, well and to provide a space for:

  • my ideas
  • thoughts
  • projects
  • scripts and documentations
  • maybe some scripts.

Goal and motivation:

Besides the reasons given above I generally wanted to share different thoughts and findings / experiences on some platform that are not dependant on another platform - i.e. social media or discord. Hence I've always thought of creating a webpage where I could give those things a foundation to rest on yet my first webpage was not updated often and I dropped the idea - primarily because I had no CMS running and it was entirely hardcoded, meaning I had to connect to the server whenever I wanted to change an information or write new entries - well and consider that i would have to update internal links, references and more, its a pain without any dedicated CMS running!

For some years - since 2022 I think - I've been logging, collecting and organizing my material, education and more via Obsidian and grew accustomed to the idea of writing everything down in markdown. With that idea in mind my optimal solution would've been a structure where I could write down things in Obsidian and then copy and link them to a repo which I could then update and push to some repo that would build a website out of it. At first I was thinking of doing that myself and thought this to be a good chance to work and experience Rust a little more, however I conceptualized a lot but had no to time to actually begin writing this all. While tutoring software engineering - 2023 - we began posting the script for our lecture via mdbook and that made me think whether I could make use of this infrastructure to finally deploy a website without much effort at all.

I describe the whole concept and idea of this blog in another post, here.

what I'm about

I have a wide field of interests - double-sided sword tbh - which occupy most of my free-time and around. Those might include:

  • 3d printing
  • programming
  • soldering
  • keyboards
  • music
  • games
  • organizing things
  • algorithms
  • networking
  • science things
  • politics
  • data privacy - ironic sharing all those information about myself here, huh?

and likely some more which I'm not listening or forgot about.

Some Quotes I like:

"We are perpetually trapped in a never ending spiral of life and death".

Tormented by the fear of not being necessary

The intimate desire of acceptance

Overwhelmed by the fear of being alone

Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self

In case you would like to contact me I provide the following option(s):

-> mail:

where you might find me too: