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[!Tip] Cute comment I read about listening to music with people:

take from -> On my own Birthday partys i play my full music collection in shuffle mode, its around 200 gb from many different genres. The only choice you have, if you dont like a song is the skip button, nothing else is allowed. Sometimes there are some funny moments or jump scares when a brutal technical death metal song just comes after some lofi hiphop and then followed by techno or classical music... Very funny and always some surprises i did not even know myself :D

[!Quote] Message by @exyl_sounds regarding song linked above

found at

Fun lil backstory Before I even learned how to produce, I would always hang out in music producers' servers and in the help channels, people always used this website called "Clyp" to share what they're working on. Paper skies has been in the game grindin' for HELLA long because back in the day, people were really looking up to him and he was trending on clyp. His progress is honestly awesome to witness. Even through his ups and downs, bro is STILL grinding despite events as insanely unbased and not goated as Clyp shutting down and promoters gatekeeping him from playing shows. Thus, years later, as a fellow Canadian homie, when he asked me to be his collab partner for a 24 hour contest, you already know it was gonna be legendary. We made some absolutely INSANE progress on the song during the contest which you can actually hear in the mix I did a while ago. We really decided that this was a special song and we wanted to take our time with it, iron out all the mixing quirks, prepare visuals, etc. It is the exact type of nostalgic complextro goodness that takes me back to the times when I was still hearing EDM for the first time, and is a true 50/50 collab where both of us did our best to integrate our styles and preferences. Lastly, as a tribute to this mythical collision of fates, Paper Skies suggested we give out a free sample pack featuring our favorite sounds from the song =) Use them as you wish to flip, remix, or produce to your heart's desires, and feel free to tag us with your work too!

Collection of Artits/Music/Discoveries

  • Fleeting Words - NieR Replicant : youtube
  • vojum cooking on piano : vojum twitter
  • The Sleepwalk - warp wet woods ( android52 edit)
  • Quixsmell Gameboy youtube
  • Quixsmell Make me feel remix youtube
  • Quixsmell Ibanna Furrhy youtube
  • Quixsmell I got you remix youtube
  • Who Came After - the kid that could fly but did not know how youtube
  • Resom - Boiler room set berlin : youtube
  • Baribal - Czuje soundcloud


  • NTS -> Nuts to Soup Radio ||

  • refuge worldwide --> radio from berlin ||

  • TGV Synthwave mix: youtube

  • i dont remember that one youtube

cool artists I've found

cool songs found on soundcloud:

  • Virtual Riot - Continue (Remix) : soundcloud
  • RL Grime & JUelz - Formula ( IMANU REMIX) : soundclou
  • Mameyudoufu - Vintage Computers : soundcloud
    • very chiptuny / energydrink-ish song, its amazing!
  • Sleepnet - First Light (album) : bandcamp
  • Buunshin & IMANU - No tomorrow rework : soundcloud
  • Strangerbloom ( Stranger Things Tribute) : soundcloud
  • Mashaqill - Move on : soundcloud
  • DireDireDocks Eliminate mix : soundcloud
  • Xilart - Wab soundcloud
  • Sotareko - Nightscape : soundcloud
  • Asanity - Hello World : soundcloud
  • Grey,Virtual Riot - Raven : soundcloud
    • its amazing, so well engineered -- usual virtual Riot moment x)


  • Song of the Ancients / Devola : nier cover - song of ancients
  • Ashes of Dreams : ashes of dreams cover